Leerdammer 45+ 12kg

goût onctueux noisette
Numéro du fromage: 20628
Poids: environ 13 Kg.
€ 8,95 / Kg

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While the Leerdammer® brand was not officially born until 1977, its history is much older than that for it began nearly a century ago with two entrepreneurial Dutch men who would become two big names in the cheese-making industry.

In 1914, Cees Boterkooper bought a small dairy in Schoonrewoerd, a rural town located not too far from Leerdam. At the same time, entrepreneur Bastiaan Baars was running a cheese distribution business in a neighboring village. The paths of the cheese maker and the merchant eventually crossed in 1970. Soon after, they decided to work together to create a new kind of cheese that would be different from the famous Gouda and Emmental cheeses. This is how the Leerdammer wheel was born.

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